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AVID1 Wheels | AVID1 Wheels for sale

Free shipping free mounting balancing for AVID1 wheels. Lowest price online! AVID1 Wheels hit the market a decade ago in 1994 as an importer and distributor of tuner parts and accessories. We marketed our wares worldwide under the Tenzo Racing Sports Label.

Stationed in Southern California, better known as the customizing capital of the world, we strive to cater to avid tuners scouring the market for unique and innovative products with every passing season.

The AVID1 Wheels introduced in 2000 are quite popular and stand out for their build quality and ergonomic designs made using the latest cast technologies. Not only this, they meet the highest standards in the industry including compliance with TPMS technologies.

The Avid.1 wheel boasts of being lightweight and offering excellent value with its unibody design. We also cater to the demands of vehicle enthusiasts with new offsets and aggressive widths on select applications. Each Avid.1 wheels is purpose-driven and has a character of its own to give you the best on road performance. We understand that every vehicle owner has different expectations about his or her vehicle as far as its looks, performance and personality goes. Hence, our aim has always been to send you off a satisfied customer by providing the latest in tuning evolution.