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Ebay Item Number

To better assist you, have the ebay item number when you call us. Below is a guide on how you can find the ebay item number on aspire motoring's listing products.. 


For ebay users browsing on the computer, the item number can be found on the description tab on the upper right corner. Use the find function in your web browser and search for ebay item number if you are having difficulty finding the description tab. 


For those that are highly computer literate, The ebay item number can also be found on the web browser address. It is typically a long string of numbers. 

Ebay app

1. Locate the item box. Typically mentions Condition, Quantity, etc. Look for blue text that reads Show More. Touch the show more option.

2. Item number is normally on the bottom of the section list. 

ebay on Mobile web browser

1. Locate the box that mentions things such as Condition, Quanity, etc. Touch that section and it will take to to a new window with Item Specifics.

2. The ebay item number can be found near the bottom of the list.