The Newest In Rohana’s Rotary Formed Series

Rohana RF1

Rohana RF1 Wheels

Today is the day. We thank you for the opportunity to present the newest wheel in our Rotary Formed series, the highly anticipated RF1. The RF1 is made with our advanced Rotary Formation process, keeping the alloy strong and the wheel light. Using heat and rollers, the wheel is stretched to exact specifications. This process produces a wheel that saves weight while increasing strength. The RF1 features a timeless 10-spoke design. Rohana wheels offers maximum concavity that looks exceptional from any angle. The RF1 is available in 20×9, 20×10, 20×11 and 20×12 with your choice of RF1 Wheels Matte Black  and Brushed Titanium.

rf1 (7) copy

rf1 elevator two wheels

rf1 elevator two wheels copy

rf1 (34) copy