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The Beach Breeze - BMW E90 / MRR GF6 / Machine Silver / 19x9.5 +30 5x120

Our customer RJ Raposa's BMW E90 on the MRR GroundForce GF6 Machine Silver, loving the stance and color combo, great job by our good friend RJ Raposa.

19x9.5 +30 5x120 Square fitment
MRR GroundForce Series GF6

Rohana RF2 FlowForming wheels are here!!

Rotary forming is an advanced manufacturing technique that creates a stronger and lighter wheel structure to improve vehicle performance capabilities. This procedure utilizes 3 hydraulic rollers with pressure and heat to stretch the barrel of the wheel to the desired specification. The pressure is applied to the inner part of the Rohana wheel while the spinning stretches and compresses the alloy, altering the characteristics of the alloy. This method of Rohana wheel making results in a dramatic reduction in weight while enhancing structural rigidity and durability.

Official release of the new wheel line, the 20″ RF2. It comes in three finishes, Matte Black, Brushed Titanium and the Limited Edition Gloss Red.







NEW Zedd Wheels SLT ! 19" & 20" sizing !

Introducing the *NEW Zedd Performance Wheels SLT ! In 19" & 20" sizing and two finishes Machine Silver and Black Vacuum ! Zedd wheels has now introduced their first 20" inch model in the SLT (Saw Blade) style, catering to the aggressive stance market. Here are some photos, check them out !


19x9.5 +12 +22 5x114.3 (Silver & Black Vacuum)
19x11 +15 +25 5x114.3(Silver & Black Vacuum)

20x9.5 +12 +20 5x114.3 (Silver & Black Vacuum
20x11 +15 +25 5x114.3 (Silver & Black Vacuum

20x9.5 +20 5x120 (Silver & Black Vacuum)
20x11 +25 5x120 (Silver & Black Vacuum)

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ZEDD Performance Wheels NEW 5x120 Application !

Zedd performance wheels heard your voices just in, the New SL5 and SLM standard fitments ! NEW BMW FITMENT !


SL5 Machine Silver w/ Machine Lip


19x8.5 +35 5x114.3 73.1

19x9.5 +30 5x114.3 73.1


19x8.5 +35 5x120 72.6 

19x9.5 +30 5x120 72.6


SLM Hyper Silver face w/ Machine Lip


19x8.5 +35 5x114.3 73.1

19x9.5 +30 5x114.3 73.1


19x8.5 +35 5x120 72.6 

19x9.5 +30 5x120 72.6


Loval's BMW E60 and his MRR GT1 Hyper Silver w/ Machine Lip

Loval's BMW E60 wheels and his MRR GT1 Hyper Silver w/ Machine Lip
19x8.5 +20 5x120 Hyper Silver Machine Lip
19x9.5 +24 5x120 Hyper Silver Machine Lip

Accelera PHI 245/35/19
Accelera PHI 265/30/19

BMW E60 wheels GT1 hyper silver



Vadim "VK335M" BMW E90 M-Sport on the MRR GF7

One of our good customers Vadim's Flawless BMW E90 M-Sport Wheels, got to hook him up with some MRR GF7 Wheels custom built to his liking, CHECK IT OUT !

Wheels: MRR Ground Force 7 (GF7)
19x8.5 et35 front
19x9.5 et33 rear

Tires: Hankook Ventus V12 
235x35x19 Front
265x30x19 Rear
Also check out his car on E90post.com and here is his build thread ! 


bmw concave wheels style
BMW E90 Wheels Rims
BMW bimmer E90 328i 335i wheels
wheels for BMW e90
BMW E90 Wheels Rims

Introducing the NEW ROHANA RC8 !

Fresh Fridays and here is the NEW ROHANA Wheels RC8 ! now available at aspiremotoring.com

Finishes: Matte Black & Machine Silver

20x9, 20x10, 20x11
5x112, 5x114.3, 5x120

Francisco Ramos BMW E46 M3 MRR Wheels GT7

BMW 3-Series E46 M3 Wheels on the MRR GT7 FULL CHROME custom finish by us at Aspire Motoring !

Thanks to our great customer: Customer Francisco Ramos 
Fran's specs are:
19x8.5 +35 5x120 (Front) MRR GT07
19x9.5 +20 5x120 (Rear) MRR GT07